How to Make a Hairdresser Costume

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Many hairdressers dress in a way that is stylish and practical at the same time. Many salons have a uniform requirement of monochromatic black outfits. However, the hairdressers are able to transform the simple outfits into a bold fashion and personality statement. You can copy this bold style for an unusual Halloween costume that is simple, easy to identify and inexpensive. This costume works equally well for men, women, girls or boys.

Put on the black trousers, shirt, socks and shoes. This costume is based on the hairdressing uniform of all black that some salons require, and most people already have a lot of black items in their closets.

Create a name tag that says "Hairdresser" on a piece of cardstock. Pin the tag to your shirt. You can also write your name on the name tag.

Wear flat-bottom shoes, such as flat boots, sneakers or ballet flats. Hairdressers have to walk around a lot, and many avoid dangerous heels. Try to keep the shoes as trendy as possible to keep the look artistic.

Put a few combs, brushes or a pair of scissors in your pockets. Make sure the utensils stick out from your pockets and are visible. You can also throw a towel over your shoulder.

Dye your hair a bold colour or add temporary highlights or lowlights. If you do not want to permanently dye your hair, you can use temporary hairspray colour to change the colour of your hair.

Fix your hair into a trendy or wild style. Hairdressers typically have bold hairstyles because their hair is one of their main advertisements for their profession. Many hairdressers use their hair as a showcase of their styling abilities.

Add bold make-up to your look as well. Some hairdressers wear unusual make-up colours and wear their make-up differently than many other people. Add vivid eye shadow or lipstick.

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