How to Apply Mad Hatter Makeup

Don't be late for an important date. Liven up the party dressed up like the Mad Hatter, an iconic character from the story Alice In Wonderland. In 2009, a new adaptation of the movie came out starring Johnny Depp as the loony but lovable Hatter, and his make-up was engaging, colourful and fun.

If it's Halloween or time for a costume party do your own Mad Hatter make-up at home to complete the look of this festive character.

Make your entire face, including the eye area, white by using either a cream white make-up or dusting on a white make-up powder.

Line the eyes with a white eyeliner pencil.

Brush blue eyeshadow all the way up to the brow on both eyes, covering the eyelid and brow bone area.

Dust pink, purple and orange eyeshadow underneath each eye, and go over the blue eyeshadow with a little bit of the purple. The colours should create an interesting, funky and colourful effect when used all together.

Finish the look with bright pink lipstick and white mascara.