How to Dress Up a Fireplace Mantle

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The fireplace, or hearth, was once the centre of the house. Not only did it provide warmth for the house's occupants, it also heated their food. Family and guests would gather around the fireplace every day to soak up its heat and partake of the evening meal. Today, we no longer rely upon the fireplace for our daily needs, but it still maintains a central decorative role. Show off your fireplace by dressing it up with materials that match and accent your home's interior decor.

Cover the mantle with scrap fabric or lace. Let the fabric drape down the mantle for added drama. Sew tassels onto the fabric for an elegant touch.

Place candlesticks on either side of the mantle or group three candlesticks together at one end. Place candles inside the candlesticks.

Hang a large mirror above the mantle shelf or set it on the mantle and lean it against the wall.

Set bookends in front of the mirror and place vintage books in between.

Place small decorative items on the mantle, such as small alarm clocks, antique bottles and ceramics.

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