How to Hang a Latch Hook For a Wall Hanging

rug making image by Alison Bowden from

Latch hooking is a method of crocheting using a latch hook needle, latch hook canvas and yarn. The design is crocheted into the canvas based on latch hook kit instructions or your own design. The finished product can be used as a rug, made into a pillow or hung on the wall as decoration. Latch hook projects for all ages are available online or your local craft store.

Pick a place on your wall that will fit the dimensions of your wall hanging.

Hold the picture hanging hook (for the left side of the wall hanging) with the flat side against wall. Insert the nail through the hole at the top. Tap the nail gently with the hammer to insert it through the hook and into the wall.

Measure 10 inches across to the right of the first hook. Place another picture hanging hook. Place more picture hanging hooks every 10 inches until you've reach the width of the wall hanging. Just eyeball it to make the hooks level as you work across the wall. You can fine-tune it as you place the wall hanging. Smaller hangings will need hooks every 5 inches.

Hang the latch hook wall hanging by sticking the picture hanging hooks through the holes in the canvas on the back side of the latch hook. Level the hanging by moving the hook up or down on the canvas on the backside.

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