How to Tell Between Male and Female Jaguar Cichlids

The jaguar cichlid is a very attractive species, and an excellent choice for hobbyists who want the beauty and personality of cichlids in their tanks.

Jaguar cichlids can be aggressive with other fish, and with one another, so properly sexing and separating them is important, particularly if you plan to try your hand at breeding these popular fish.

Allow your jaguar cichlids to mature before trying to sex them. Juvenile male and female jaguar cichlids look very similar to one another, and they both display the dark stripes that typify the species.

Look at the striping pattern on the jaguar cichlids. As male jaguar cichlids mature they begin to lose those distinctive dark stripes. Male jaguar cichlids also display a pattern of small spots and speckles on their bodies. These speckles appear on a golden background.

Compare the sizes of your jaguar cichlids. The male jaguar cichlid is typically larger than the female.