How to Paint Hard-to-Reach Balusters

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Balusters are miniature columns or uprights, often wood or metal, that are spaced beneath and provide support for a hand railing. Most staircases have balusters. Traditional style balusters are turned wood.

Occasionally a baluster will be positioned in such a way that it is difficult to paint its back side, or other areas of it will be hard to reach. But several new painting tools will help with this and other difficult painting projects.

Clean and prep the balusters for painting. When possible, tape and mask off the areas around the baluster so that other areas are not accidentally painted.

Reach behind a baluster with an adjustable extension brush holder. This device screws into a handle of any length and has a clamping device that rotates. The clamp is designed to hold a paintbrush at any angle. If a traditional paint brush is too large to fit the space between the baluster and the wall, a smaller artist's brush can be used. Because artist's brushes are long and slender, they fit into small, hard-to-reach spaces.

Paint the rounded and carved portions of balusters and spindles by using a pipe painter. This device is a curved wire with five small rollers that hooks to a splayed handle. The handle can be adjusted to different angles.

Roll paint onto the rollers. Open the side hook and thread the wire around the baluster. Rehook the side hook. Roll the roller up and down and it will paint the baluster. The rollers are mounted on a spring that conforms to the curves of the baluster.