How to Make Musical Instrument Crafts With a Jungle Theme for Kids Four to 14

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If you want to make homemade musical instruments for your children that have a jungle theme, then look no farther than your kitchen. Musical craft instruments require empty cartons and uncooked staples such as rice and beans. Decorate in a jungle theme with craft supplies such as construction paper and markers, and you may have a symphony straight out of "The Lion King."

Gather your empty canisters from your kitchen, such as an empty oatmeal canister or an empty coffee tin.

Fill the canisters with uncooked beans, rice or pasta. You will get different sounds from different materials. Test them out to find the sound you like the best.

Tape the top of the canister closed with packing tape. This simply helps to ensure that the beans, rice or pasta stay inside the canister.

Decorate the outside of the canister with construction paper. Select "jungle colors" such as green, brown and bright reds, blues, pinks, oranges and yellows. You may want to draw designs on the construction paper, of parrots or palm leaves, before gluing the paper to the canisters. If the canister is round, roll the paper around the canister. If the canister is square or has corners, then try to wrap the canister as you would a gift.

Place a paper plate on your work space.

Pour 1/2 cup of dry rice into the centre of the plate.

Place another paper plate over the top of the first paper plate.

Staple the two plates together by inserting staples all the way around the circumference of the plates.

Tape the end of a paper towel roll with masking tape. Cut strips of masking tape, and press over the open end of the roll.

Fill the roll with about 1/2 cup of dry beans.

Cut strips of masking tape, and cover the other end of the paper towel roll with the tape.

Unroll a sheet of aluminium foil. Place the roll at the edge of the foil. Wrap the paper towel roll with the foil, and fold the foil ends in so that they cover the masking tape.

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