How to Connect a CD Player to a Computer

Audio cable image by Yanir Taflev from

Connecting various audio devices, both input and playback devices, to your computer is a great way to get the most out of your stereo system or even enhance the system you already own. In order to connect these various devices, such as a CD player, to your computer you will need a stereo cable.

This cable will connect your device's output, usually a headphone jack, to your computer's input, either a microphone jack or line-in jack.

Plug one end of the 1/4-inch stereo cable into the headphone jack on your CD player.

Plug the opposite end of the 1/4-inch stereo cable into either the computer's "Line In" or "Mic In" ports.

Select the appropriate input, usually a choice between "Mic In" and "Line In," on the pop-up screen that displays when you plug the 1/4-inch stereo cable into the computer.