How to Lower Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds are composed of horizontal, slatted blinds, usually made out of metal, wood, bamboo or plastic. When tilted down or up, these slats block light from the room. When positioned parallel to one another, they let filtered sunlight in.

The blind can be lifted all the way to the top of the window, exposing the entire window, or lowered to the bottom of the sill. Manipulating venetian blinds is easy, but can be confusing to a first-time user. The key to controlling your venetian blinds is through the cord that hangs to one side of them.

Locate the venetian blinds' cord that hangs straight down from the top bar of the blinds, usually on the far right side.

Grasp the cord somewhere in its middle.

Lift the cord upward and toward the centre of the blinds in a roughly 45 degree arc. The cord should be the same distance from the window as it was originally.

Pull the cod taut (not out) and then lift your hand toward where the cord connects to the blind's top rail. As the cord feeds into the hole, the blinds will lower. To stop the blinds mid-descent, move the cord so that it hangs straight down again or a little to the left of centre. The cord will catch and the blinds will stop descending.