How to Feed Flowering Cherry Trees

Flowering cherry trees are popular ornamental trees that are famous for the fluffy masses of fragrant pink and white blossoms which cover them in the springtime. Popular flowering cherry tree cultivars include Higan weeping cherry, Kwanzan cherry, Yoshino cherry and Sakura cherry. All varieties of flowering cherry trees can benefit from twice yearly applications of fertiliser to replenish the soil. Feeding a flowering cherry tree is a simple task that will result in a healthier, more beautiful tree. Fertilise your flowering cherry tree twice each year with a general purpose fertiliser such as Miracle Grow, Blooms Plus or similar to provide it with the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium it needs for healthy growth and root development.

Apply the first application of fertiliser in the early spring, when new growth emerges. Broadcast the fertiliser around the perimeter of the tree's canopy to nourish its feeder roots. Consult the application instructions on the fertiliser packaging to determine how much fertiliser to use.

Water the tree with 1 inch of water to ensure that the chemicals are properly diluted.

Provide your flowering cherry tree with a second application of fertiliser in late July. Broadcast the fertiliser around the perimeter of the canopy and 1 to 2 feet past the drip line.

Water in the fertiliser application with 1 inch of supplemental irrigation.

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