How to put cordless phones on mute

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You may find it necessary to mute your cordless phone temporarily if, for example, you wish to privately discuss something with a person standing next to you without the caller hearing you, or if there is extreme background noise that may be distracting to the caller.

There are several makes and models of cordless phones, many of which have a "Mute" button or switch, making it simple to activate the mute function on the phone. Just be sure to un-mute the phone when you try to speak, or the caller will not be able to hear you.

Locate the "Mute" button or switch on your cordless phone. The mute button or switch may be on the face of the phone near the dial keys, near the volume buttons, or may be a along the sides of the phone. Note that the "Mute" button may have a second function as well.

Press the "Mute" button or slide the switch to the "Mute" setting while on the line with a caller. The caller cannot hear anything you say while the "Mute" setting is active. Verify the mute setting by speaking after you activate it; if the caller can still hear you, the phone is not muted.

Press the "Mute" button a second time or slide the "Mute" switch in the opposite direction to un-mute the cordless phone. Verify the mute setting is off by speaking; if the caller can hear you the phone is un-muted.