How to Clean Roland Drum Pads

The V-Drum series of Roland electronic drum kits are expensive but popular, providing a sound and feel that is much more warm and realistic than electronic drum kit models of the past. Given the high quality and cost of one of these kits, you'll want to maintain and care for it with a quick, weekly cleaning of the drum pads. Avoid using any cleaning products stronger than warm water and mild dish detergent for this purpose. The pads are easy to clean with a clean, soft rag.

Vacuum gently any excess dust and debris off of the drum heads with a vacuum attachment before wiping the kit down. Do not to scrape the vacuum attachment against the heads.

Dampen a clean cloth rag with warm water and a small amount of mild liquid dish detergent. Rub the cloth rag against itself, where you've applied the detergent, to work up a small amount of sudsy lather. Fill a small bucket with some warm water for rinsing the rag.

Wipe down the Roland drum heads with the damp, soapy cloth. Wipe in a gentle, circular motion to pick up all the dust and debris.

Dunk the cloth rag in the small bucket of warm water, wring the excess water and dirt out of the rag until it no longer drips, and continue wiping down the rest of the heads. Refresh the rag by dunking and wringing out your cloth between each drum pad cleaning, if necessary.

Wipe the drum pads down with a clean, dry cloth to pick up any excess moisture left behind on the drum pads.

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