DIY: Dandelion Costumes

Dandelion image by Andrey Kobyak from

Appropriate for costume parties, theatrical productions and other festivities, a dandelion costume is easy to put together with a little ingenuity and imagination.

You can assemble yellow dandelion flowers and white dandelion clouds by choosing fabrics and textures that mimic the flower's natural beauty and inherent whimsy. It's easy to adapt a dandelion costume to a variety of budgets, and young and old alike can wear them. That is a wish come true.

Create the stem by choosing green clothing for your body. This could be as simple as dark green corduroy trousers and a dark green T-shirt, preferably long-sleeved. For a more advanced costume, invest in green tights and a long-sleeved leotard in a matching shade. Companies such as We Love Colors offer cotton tights and leotards in a spectrum of shades and a wide range of sizes.

Trace a leaf pattern onto two pieces of green felt. Add vein details with a marker or puffy paint, then cut out the leaves when they are completely dry. Using two dots of hot glue, attach each leaf to the back of one glove or mitten.

Gather long hair in a small bun. For yellow dandelion petals, cut a three-inch-wide strip of green fabric long enough to encircle your face, plus an additional six inches on either end. Using yellow poster board, cut six to eight marquise-shaped "petals," leaving a three-inch tab on the end of each petal. Fold each tab back, and hot-glue the tab to the strip of fabric, leaving the petals standing straight up. When glue is thoroughly cool, tie the petal fabric strip under your chin, surrounding your face with yellow dandelion petals.

Customise a white mad scientist wig with feathers to approximate dandelion puffs. Stripped centre feathers are especially effective at mimicking dandelion fluff, and you can pin or clip them directly into the wig. Carry a bag full of regular white feathers with you, and invite friends to "make a wish" as you scatter your feather seeds hither and yon.