How to Make Wooden Dominoes

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Dominoes is a game enjoyed by people of all ages. While many domino sets are made of plastic or a faux-marble type of material, there's something to be said for the old-fashioned wooden style type of dominoes. Making your own dominoes does require a little woodworking ability. A table saw or jigsaw can be used to cut the domino pieces from a sheet of plywood. A dremel is used to carve the small dots on the face of the dominoes.

Using a tape measure and a pencil, sketch out the dimensions on your piece of plywood for the dominoes. They should be three inches in height and one-inch wide.

Cut the dominoes out from a piece of standard plywood using a table saw.

Apply a thin layer of wood filler around the edges of each cut out domino piece. Allow about an hour for it to dry.

Sand both the edges of your cut-out domino pieces and the flat surfaces. You want to get a very smooth surface. However, since the pieces are so small, you should sand them by hand with a small square of sandpaper.

Attach the drill head to your dremel tool. Carefully make the divider lines across your dominoes. Also make the domino dots on the surface of each domino. You can use a set of actual dominoes to model your work so that you apply the right number of dots on each domino.

Open your bottle of paint or wood stain to paint the outer surface of your dominoes. Allow the initial outside coating to dry overnight.

Paint the dots and the divider line with a small brush using white or cream-coloured paint.

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