How to Make a Grass Skirt for Tables

Decorating for a home luau party or festive barbecue is easy and cost-friendly when you make your own decorations. For example, making your own grass table border takes few materials and can be completed quickly. A grass border jazzes up a picnic table or other surface during a themed get-together.

Making a grass skirt for a table provides you with a craft project that leaves plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.

Measure and cut a length of streamer paper that matches the measurement around the table top on which the grass skirt will hang.

Spread the streamer out evenly in front of you and make sure that it is not twisted or crinkled.

Spread a layer of craft glue along the bottom edge of the length of streamer. Use a wide gauge streamer so you can apply an inch wide line of glue along the entire edge.

Apply long, fringelike strips of decorative grass to the glued edge of streamer paper. For example, craft grass can be purchased in a wide range of colours and textures. You can obtain natural looking grass for a luau or choose something festive like glittery silver tassels. Choose long grass of about 24 inches in length. Press the top inch of each strip of grass to the inch-wide layer of glue firmly. Do this until the entire length of streamer paper features fringed grass along the bottom.