How to make yellow cotton balls

Cotton Balls on Black and White image by Towards Ithaca from

Teachers, scout leaders and other people who work with children often need to keep a large supply of craft basics on hand. When the need to create strikes, you don't want to be out of crafting supplies for the little ones. For littlest children, cotton balls are a common ingredient in many craft projects. While white colour has many uses, sometimes you have a craft project that calls for a coloured cotton ball. Rather than paint your cotton balls yellow, which will cause them to be stiff, dye them with child-safe dyes instead.

Squeeze two or three drops of yellow food colouring into a zip top bag. Add about a spoonful of water. Shake the bag to mix the water and food colouring.

Place four or five cotton balls into the bag with the coloured water. Zip the bag shut. Smash the cotton and water around in the bag until the cotton balls are completely coloured yellow.

Remove the cotton balls from the bag, squashing them out to remove as much water as possible. Set the cotton balls onto paper towels and allow them to dry overnight before using them in your craft projects.

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