How to Remove Glitter From Skin

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Remove the glitter of your skin after an event to prevent it from spreading around the house or on your pillow. Glitter sticks to skin in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether the glitter is applied like a powder, rubbed on with cream or spread by a gel, remove it with a mild skin cleanser or tape. Both bar and liquid skin cleansers remove the debris. Tape removes the glitter but can rip out hairs. This method works best if you don't have time to wash off the glitter. The glitter can block pores if left on the skin for too long, so remember to remove it in a timely fashion.

Wet a washcloth with warm water. Wring out the excess water.

Apply the skin cleanser to the washcloth.

Scrub the skin gently with the washcloth to remove the glitter.

Splash warm water on the area to remove the soap and glitter.

Apply eye make-up remover to a clean washcloth. Gently wipe the eyelids to remove the glitter.

Tear off a piece of masking or scotch tape. Create a loop with by connecting the two ends, sticky side facing out.

Place the tape loop over one to three fingertips. Press the tape onto the skin. Lift straight up. Continue until all the glitter is gone.

Tear off a new piece of tape once the first one is full or glitter or loses its stickiness.

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