How to Tell the Year of a Honda Scooter

There are a number of reasons you may need to find out the year model of your Honda Scooter, including if you are purchasing replacement parts to make repairs.

Fortunately, scooters are among the vehicles that can be legally registered to drive on the roadways, so they come equipped with title paperwork as well as a vehicle identification number. Your scooter's VIN number is unique to it and can be used to determine a number of different things about it, including the year model.

Locate your scooter's title and registration paperwork, if applicable. The year model will be listed on the title in the section designated for information about the vehicle. It should be near the top.

Locate your scooter's VIN number. The VIN number will be on the left side of the frame or neck tube as well as stamped into various locations around the scooter. The VIN is a 17-digit combination of numbers and letters.

Locate the 10th digit of your scooter's VIN. This digit represents the year the scooter was manufactured. The Scooter Parts Auction website has a chart you can use to determine what year model your Honda scooter is (see Resources) or you can plug your entire VIN number into a VIN decoder such as the one offered by Motorverse (see Resources) to determine exactly what year model your scooter is.