How to Replace the Battery in a TomTom Go 700

The TomTom Go 700 is a portable (3.5-inch), Bluetooth-capable GPS navigation system. Using satellites, it allows you to pinpoint your location and direct you to your chosen destination. The countries where can be used depend on the version of software you have installed, as the actual TomTom can work anywhere in the world. The battery lasts around five hours, but does get weaker with age and eventually needs to be replaced.

Pry the front screen off using a small flathead screwdriver. Do it gently, as the screen is only lightly snapped on. Take out the four T8 screws that hold the interior to the outside casing.

Remove the interior from the casing with your hands. As you do this, the small clip on the bottom that holds the car mount will just fall out. Remember how it fits the casing in order to make reassembling the TomTom easier.

Peel back the part of the foil covering that lays on the base around the speaker. You will see two additional T8 screws, which you should remove with a screwdriver. Do not disconnect the speaker, as it only needs to be pushed aside.

Peel back additional parts of the foil around the circuit board, but leave the actual board covered. As you manipulate, but do not remove, the thin metal caging behind the circuit board, you will see four additional T6 screws located around the circuit board. They will be on the four sides of the circuit board. Remove them.

Manipulate the metal caging a bit more to expose additional two T6 screws holding the battery. The caging will move around a bit more, since the other four screws have been removed. Remove the two screws, very carefully so that you do not disconnect any cables.

Remove the battery and replace with a new one. Reassemble the TomTom, working backwards through these steps.

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