Directions for making snowdrop gum paste flowers

Gum paste, also known as fondant, is an edible claylike material that is used to create flowers and other shapes for cakes and cupcakes. You can buy premade gum paste in craft stores, in cake-speciality stores and through online retailers. If you wish to create snowdrop gum paste flowers, having the correct tools and knowing the right techniques will help you achieve your goal without too much hassle, even if you aren't experienced in working with gum paste.

Dust a clean counter or table top with some cornstarch.

Place a large hunk of gum paste on the cornstarch dusted area, and flatten it with a rolling pin into a sheet that is about 1/8 inch thick.

Dip a snowdrop gum paste cutter into some cornstarch, and press it into the gum paste. Gently pull up and separate the newly cut flower shape away from the rest of the gum paste. Cut out as many snowdrop flower shapes as you wish.

Press a ball tool into each petal near the centre of the flower to shape the petals and make them appear more realistic.

Place an edible pearl, found in some craft stores and online, in the middle of the flower. Gently push the pearl into the paste until it stays in place on its own.

Run a damp paintbrush with soft bristles over the petals to wipe away the cornstarch and leave the flowers looking clean and shiny.

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