How to locate digital TV transmitters

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You can receive many local affiliate, independent and high-definition TV stations with a properly aligned digital television antenna. The simplest way to find your local digital television transmitters is with a TV "transmitter locator" website. This will give the correct antenna alignment direction and also recommend the right size and type of TV antenna for your neighbourhood.

Access the Internet and visit your preferred TV "transmitter finder" and reception assistance website (see Resources).

Enter your Postcode in the dialogue box. Write down the direction of all local digital television transmitters from your location.

Check the website data for your location to ensure the television antenna is the right type and size to receive a suitable digital television signal. The information is colour-coded to make antenna type identification easier.

Adjust the alignment of your television antenna to maximise digital reception, if necessary. Align the antenna correctly with a directional compass and digital television signal meter.

Loosen the antenna's mast clamp bolts so that you can move the antenna slightly. Move the antenna to the correct direction by using the compass.

Connect the digital television signal meter to the antenna, following the signal meter manufacturer's instruction manual. Gently move the antenna until you receive the strongest signal reading on the signal meter's display. Some meters also emit a high-pitched tone to indicate a strong signal.

Tighten the mast clamp screws or bolts to secure the antenna in the correctly aligned position.

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