How to Trap Bedbugs With Tape

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Bedbugs are nasty, parasitic insects that feed on human blood and can live in your walls, bedding, floors and other places. Bedbug infestations start with animals or humans carrying them in from outside or from infested homes. Having a clean house or bed is not enough to avoid bedbugs. You can trap bedbugs with tape to prevent them from getting into your bed; however, to get rid of them completely, you must hire professional exterminators.

Locate the source of the bedbugs. Bedbugs do not always live in beds. They often hide out in walls, baseboards, drapes and other places. Check for dark spots, tiny shells or husks and egg clusters. Use a magnifying glass on furniture, bedding or other likely sources.

Place duct tape strips sticky side up around the legs of your bed. Tape the edges to the floor with masking tape so the duct tape will not slide around or tangle. The bedbugs will get trapped in the tape if they attempt to cross it.

Put duct or masking tape strips sticky side up around the base of other places where you believe bedbugs may be hiding.

Trap bedbugs on the spot with tape by grabbing a strip of it by the ends and placing the sticky part onto the bedbugs. While this will not eliminate the infestation, it is a sanitary way to dispose of them.

Contact a professional exterminator to fumigate your house and eradicate the bedbug problem. Check with your local public assistance office for potential government assistance programs if you can not afford to pay for it yourself.

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