How to hide a satellite antenna cable

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An outside satellite dish is crucial for receiving satellite television signals and this means you'll need a run of coaxial cable to connect the dish to the satellite receiver indoors. Coaxial cable can look messy and unattractive on the outside of a house or apartment, but you have several ways to camouflage the satellite cable and hide it from view.

Run the satellite coaxial cable along edges and boundaries, such as the divider between masonry and woodwork, so that it follows the natural lines of your house or apartment. Always run cable in straight lines, with right-angled turns, because this will help the cable blend with the building.

Choose a coaxial cable colour that blends with the exterior of your house. Standard cable colours include black, brown and white. For most exteriors, black or brown cable is suitable because it blends well with both wood and brickwork.

Paint coaxial cable that runs across brightly-coloured cladding, plastered masonry or painted word work. For best results, use satellite-grade RG-6 coaxial cable with polythene casing, because this is designed for outdoor use and can be painted.

Install cable housing inside your house or apartment. Fix the housing over the cable at the bottom of walls or along the top of wainscoting or skirting boards. The housing will both hide and protect the satellite cable.

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