How to make infant mobiles

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Mobiles provide infants with visual stimulation. It is not necessary to buy an expensive mobile, because making your own will give the baby the same visual activity. Designing and creating your own mobile allows you the freedom of selecting colours and shapes of your choosing. The items hanging from the mobile may be switched if changing the decor of the baby's room. Infant mobiles are both easy and fun to make.

Wind yarn around the 9-inch wood ring until the entire ring is covered. Apply hot glue to the ends of the yarns to secure it into place.

Cut eight pieces of yarn into 7-inch lengths.

Using a tapestry needle, stitch one end of the yarn to the top of each bear or other animal head.

Tie the other end of the yarn to the wood ring.

Using a slipknot, attach the remaining four pieces of yarn to the centre of the plastic ring.

Evenly space the other ends of the yarn around the wood ring and attach with slipknots.

Hang the mobile securely above the baby's crib.

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