How to Fold a Napkin Like a Bra

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Origami is the craft of folding paper to create objects or animals. The craft, originated in Japan, is practised all over the world by beginners as well as skilled experts. Some origami creations are incredibly intricate, but others are more simple.

A bra is an easy and fun object to make using origami, and it is better to use a napkin rather than paper. Folding a napkin to create a bra is a neat party trick. You can entertain guests at the dinner table or in a restaurant with this very simple technique.

Lay your napkin out on a flat surface and run your hands over it to get rid of any creases.

Fold two opposing edges of the napkin so they meet directly in the centre. Your napkin should now be rectangular with a split in the middle.

Hold the corners of the napkin between your thumbs and index fingers. Flip the napkin over carefully so you do not disturb the folds. Remove any creases by running your hands over the napkin.

Fold the napkin in half so your original folds are showing. The four original corners of the napkin should now be on the outside, with two meeting in the centre on the top and the other two meeting in the centre underneath.

Grip one of the corners from the top and one from underneath with your thumb and index finger. The corners should both be on the right of the centre parting. Be careful to grab just the two corners, avoiding the fold in between them. Do the same with the two corners to the left of the centre parting, using your other thumb and index finger. You should be holding two corners in one hand and two corners in your other hand.

Grip the corners tightly, and lift the napkin from the flat surface. Hold the napkin out in front of you and gently pull your hands apart while gripping the corners. Your napkin forms a bra that you can hold against your chest to impress your friends.