How to Remove Scratches From a Refrigerator

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Everyday wear and tear from common household use can cause scratches to appear on refrigerators. Refrigerators are very large and thus take up a considerable amount of space in the kitchen, making unsightly scratches stand out even more.

Most homeowners do not have the budget or desire to go out and purchase a brand new refrigerator due to superficial surface scratches. Repairing scratches in the surface material of the refrigerator is an easy project that will save you money and give you a brand new-looking refrigerator.

Disconnect the refrigerator from its power source to avoid serious injury while doing exterior or interior repairs. Stay on the safe side when dealing with anything electrical.

Dampen a clean sponge with water and add two to three drops of gentle dish soap to the sponge. Wipe the entire exterior surface of the refrigerator to remove dirt, grease or chipped paint surrounding the scratches.

Wipe the refrigerator down with a lint-free cloth until it is completely dry.

Purchase appliance paint that matches the colour of the refrigerator. You can find appliance paint at most home improvement or hardware stores.

Dip the included appliance paintbrush into the paint and apply the paint onto the refrigerator scratch to blend it. For textured refrigerator surfaces, dot the appliance paint gently with a dry sponge to mimic the surrounding surface texture. Allow the paint to dry as specified on the product label.

Purchase a scratch repair kit marketed for appliances to fill deeper surface scratches. These kits are available in many home improvement and hardware stores.

Squeeze the tube of scratch filler included with the repair kit into the deep refrigerator scratch. Use a putty knife to smooth the surface level with the surrounding texture of the refrigerator. Dab a cloth over the filler to mimic textured surfaces, if needed. Allow the scratch filler to dry for the stated amount of time as indicated on the product label.

Sand the filled scratch with a fine-grit piece of sandpaper if the dried filler is not level and even with the surrounding surface of the refrigerator. Wipe away the sanding dust left behind by the sandpaper with a clean cloth.

Paint the dried scratch filler with the matching appliance paint and paintbrush that are included with the scratch repair kit. Allow the paint to dry as stated on the product label.