How to Protect My Carpet From Cats

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Pet cats bring an element of warmth and playfulness into our homes, but like any pet, felines do come with drawbacks. Without proper training, your cat may have some problematic behaviours that you do not appreciate. For example, your cat might have a spot on the carpet that it has used as a second litter box, or she uses your carpeting as a scratching post. Whatever the issue, there are ways to protect your carpet from your cats.

Keep your cat's litter box clean at all times. If your cat is not pleased with the state of its litter box, it may make your carpeting look like a more attractive alternative.

Clean any accident areas with a enzymatic cleaner, rather than a chemical cleaner. Chemical cleaners can actually encourage your cat to soil the same area of your carpet again, while enzymatic cleaners discourage this behaviour.

Give your cat a scratching post to sharpen his claws. This gives your cat an outlet, making it less likely that your carpet will be used as a substitute.

Place a plastic carpet runner down over the spot where your cat likes to scratch. This material feels unpleasant on your cat's paws and can help protect your carpet.

Spray your carpets with a citrus scent. Cats find this smell very unpleasant, making it less likely that the area will be scratched.

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