How to Stop Getting Bed Head

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Bed head can really ruin your morning, creating a very pesky problem when you're trying to rush out the door for work or school. Luckily, there are many ways to control and even prevent it. Many factors contribute to bed head. Common causes are fabric type, sleep positioning, temperature, and even shower scheduling.

Shower after you wake up. This solution is simple but very effective. If you give yourself time to shower in the morning, you will have no issues with bed head because warm water is the most effective way to cure the problem.

Put a silk cover on your pillow. Using this soft fabric will greatly reduce the amount of bed head that you see regularly. Silk maintains a cooler temperature and will not cling to your hair.

Lower the temperature in your bedroom if possible. The heat of your head against a cotton pillow in a warm room can press your hair into a pretty nasty case of bed head. Lowering the temperature will help to lower the chances of unintentionally grooming your hair as you sleep.

Change your sleep positioning. Longer hair, in particular, gets bed head when you lay on your side or stomach. Laying on your back not only helps to keep you in one place as you sleep, but it keeps your hair in its natural state as well.