How to Attach Wheels to a Wooden Gate

wooden gate image by Kathy Burns from

Larger hinged wooden gates often drag on the ground when being opened or closed. The weight of these gates can be too much of a load on the hinges which causes the gate to sag. Opening and closing the gate then requires constant lifting to clear the ground. Installing a wheel on the bottom of the gate can remedy this problem and allow the gate to be rolled open without any lifting.

Close the wooden gate and secure the latch. The gate should clear the ground by two to three inches when in the latched position. Open the gate approximately one foot and place wooden blocks underneath the gate so that the gate is supported at the same distance from the ground as when it is in the closed and latched position.

Place the flange of the hinged and spring-loaded gate wheel against either the front or back face of the gate, approximately one inch in from the end of the gate. The flange should be placed so that the wheel is firmly on the ground and the screw holes in the flange are both situated above the bottom edge of the gate face. Deciding whether the gate wheel should be mounted on the front or the back of the gate is simply a matter of aesthetics.

Use the drill with the screwdriver attachment to sink the screws through the wheel faceplate and secure the wheel to the wooden gate. Open the gate as far as it would normally open and make sure the wheel is supporting the gate where it would normally drag on the ground. If the wheel is jamming against the ground, remove the screws and reattach the wheel approximately one inch higher on the wooden fence gate.

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