How to Secure a Metal Gazebo Frame to a Cement Patio

san jose gazebo 2 image by dbvirago from

After you buy a metal gazebo, you will need to secure it to the ground to keep if from flying away or falling on someone in high winds. If you have a metal gazebo, you can anchor it to the ground through pre-cut holes at the bottom of each leg if you put it on a cement or rock patio.

Place the gazebo on the concrete patio exactly where you want it to go. Place the level on each leg and make sure that it is vertical. Draw a mark in the concrete through each pre-cut hole at the foot of each leg.

Move the gazebo to the side about a foot, so that you can get to each mark on the concrete without the gazebo being in the way.

Measure the length of the drop-in anchors and place a piece of tape on the drill bit an equal distance from the end of the bit. Drill straight down on each pencil mark until you reach the tape on the bit. Clean the area around the holes with the brush.

Drop in an anchor and tap it until it is flush with the concrete. Place the setting tool inside the anchor and strike the top of the tool with the hammer four or five times. Strike the tool hard to make sure that the anchor sets properly. Repeat this for all the holes you have drilled.

Place the gazebo so that the pre-cut holes on the legs are over the anchors. Place a washer on the 1/2-inch bolt and screw it, through the pre-cut hole in the leg, into the anchor. Repeat this step on all the legs. Tighten each bolt with the ratchet and 1/2-inch socket.

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