How to Hook Up Power Lines in "SimCity 3000"

"SimCity 3000" is a computer game based on building and running your own virtual city. As in real life, making sure the residents of your city have power is one of the key elements of creating and maintaining a thriving city. Knowing how to hook up power lines to generate power is the first step in creating a thriving digital utopia.

Click the yellow button on the right-hand side of the screen. This is your "Utilities" button.

Select the picture of the power plant. Click any open area to build your power plant.

Click the "Utilities" button. Click the picture of the power lines.

Click in an area adjacent to your power plant to build a power line directly next to it.

Continue to build power lines adjacent to one another, leading them toward your city. When the power lines are within your city, they will automatically power the buildings.

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