How to Remove a Ford Focus Rear Bumper

The Ford Focus is popular with the tuner crowd and is often customised with aftermarket parts and body kits. The rear bumper must be removed in order to install the rear bumper of a body kit.

The rear bumper on the Focus is made of thick flexible plastic that absorbs many dings and dents, but it can be punctured by sharp objects and need to be replaced. The bumper can easily be removed by one person in under 30 minutes.

Look just behind the rear tires on the back edge of the rear bumper for a row of screws. Remove the five screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Get underneath the rear bumper and reach up to the top of the back side where the bumper meets the car. Use a ratchet and 10mm socket to remove the row of bolts along this seam.

Open the boot lid and pull the rear bumper off the Ford Focus. Be careful to pull the bumper off without hitting the tail pipe, which is located in a section of the bumper that is cut out just for the pipe.