DIY Dash Cover

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You can increase the life of your dashboard by using a dash cover for protection. The cover will prevent dust from accumulating on the dash. Covers also protect your dash against the sun, which can cause dashboards to crack with too much exposure. You can order dash covers from several websites and automotive supply companies, but you only have standard options. With a DIY dash cover, you can create a custom dash cover for your car. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colours for your dash cover, but keep in mind that you will need to add padding to thin fabrics.

Stretch the muslin fabric across the dashboard and use the marker to trace the outline of the dash. Completing this step with inexpensive fabric will ensure that your dash cover is a custom fit for your car.

Cut the outline out of the muslin fabric and place it back on the dash to make sure it fits properly. Trim the fabric where needed to make sure you have a perfect fit.

Lay the muslin onto a large piece of paper and trace the shape onto the paper to create a pattern.

Place the paper pattern onto the fabric, trace the shape with a piece of chalk and then cut the pattern from the fabric. Thick stiff fabrics can be used as dash covers on their own, but if you are using thin fabric, cut two patterns that are mirror images so you can add padding.

Trace the pattern onto the cotton batting with a marker and cut; make it 1/2-inch smaller around the edge to allow room for the seam. Skip this step if you are using thick fabric.

Lay one piece of fabric face down on a flat surface, then layer with the batting and other pattern face up. Secure the edge with straight pins all the way around.

Stitch all the way around the edge, removing pins as you go. The stitches don't have to be perfect.

Draw a few wavy lines in a uniform pattern throughout the dash cover, then trace the lines with stitches to fasten the fabric to the batting in the middle of the cover.

Fit the fabric trim all the way around the edge of your thick fabric or finished padded fabric; secure in place with straight pins. Stitch around the edges to complete the dash cover.

Trim any loose threads or fabric and place on your dash.

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