How to use boob tape

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Boob tape, also known as breast tape, is used to lift the breasts and enhance cleavage. The tape is waterproof and sweat-proof so that it will not become loose once it is applied. Boob tape is an easy-to-use alternative to wearing a bra, which can be helpful with clothing that is backless or shows a lot of skin.

Breast tape is also not difficult to remove once it is applied, so that it can be used with ease on a sensitive area of the body.

Apply tape underneath the breasts. Place the first piece of tape on the side of the breast close to your armpit.

Sweep the piece of tape underneath your breast, pulling it inward towards your chest. Affix the tape underneath the breast at the centre of your cleavage.

Repeat with the other breast.

Place another piece of tape running from one breast to the other, underneath the breasts, to create additional cleavage.