How to Replace a Ford Focus Speedometer Panel

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Available as a three-door hatchback, a five-door hatchback, a four-door sedan and a five-door wagon, the Ford Focus is a compact American-designed car. When the speedometer panel, also known as the instrument cluster, is damaged, it will need to be removed from your Focus and replaced with a new one. If you're modifying the look of your Ford's interior, the speedometer panel can also be removed and replaced with an aftermarket one.

Push on the tilt steering knob and push the steering wheel down.

Remove all three screws from the top of the cover panel on the instrument cluster with a screwdriver turned counterclockwise.

Slide out and pull down the black frame and coin tray from the right side of the instrument cluster.

Push inward on the sides of the top of the steering column's plastic cover, pull out the boot release harness plug and pull out the wiring from behind the right portion of the steering wheel.

Remove all four screws that surround the instrument cluster then pull it outward toward you. You will see a tab and a black lever. Press on the tab behind the cluster and move the black lever to the left to release the instrument cluster plug.

Pull the instrument cluster out from your Focus, on the right-hand side by the steering wheel.

Mount the new instrument cluster with the plug that was removed. Move the black lever to the right to set the plug and tab into place.

Reattach the four screws onto the instrument cluster. Replace and push in the instrument cluster cover panel and steering wheel column to clip the assembly back into your Ford Focus.

Pull up the instrument cluster cover panel and clip it back into the dashboard of your Focus.

Tighten the three screws at the top of the cover panel on the instrument cluster.

Turn on the ignition and check if all the lights turn on, beginning at the right side of the panel.

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