How to Charge a G-Shock

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G-Shock watches are a line of timepieces that are made by the Casio Corp. These watches are designed to be rugged and to run on solar power. The battery that is behind the small solar power panel is charged with the electricity that is created when the solar cell converts light into electricity.

The G-Shock watches are designed to operate for up to five months between charges if the watch is charged regularly and correctly.

Inspect the watch face and activate the backlight if necessary.

Check the battery level indicator. There are six segments that make up the indicator. If all six segments are visible, then the watch is fully charged.

Remove the watch from your wrist and attach it to the curved plastic holder from the watch's box.

Place the watch holder back into the box bottom, leaving the top of the box removed.

Place the watch into direct light. It is preferable to use a fluorescent light, as the sun will move and the watch will be in direct light for only a short period of time.

Leave the watch in the light for the required amount of time. Leave the watch for 18 hours of direct sunlight, 87 hours in direct sunlight through a window or 25 hours of direct florescent light. The charging times will vary slightly depending on your watch's model.