How to Stop Mobile Sites on iPhone

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iPhone's Safari application is the standard iPhone and iPod Touch web browser. Although the web browser renders the desktop version of websites most of the time, Safari occasionally opens their mobile version. Unfortunately, Safari does not include the option of opening desktop versions of the mobile site.

The only solution involves using a third-party web browser. Several software developers have created web browsers that only open the desktop versions of websites. Using Apple's App Store, download one of these browsers to use instead of Safari.

Open the iTunes application on your personal computer. In Apple OS X-based computers, click on the iTunes icon located in the dashboard. In Microsoft Windows-based computers, click on the "Start" menu in the bottom left portion of the screen. Select "All Programs," and click on "iTunes."

Locate the search window in the top-right portion of the application. Type in the name of an alternative web browser and press "Enter." Opera Mini, Incognito and PERFECT Web Browser are alternative web browsers that load the desktop versions of websites instead of the mobile versions.

Select "Download App" on the top-left portion of iTunes. Allow several minutes for the application to download completely. iTunes will notify you that the download has downloaded completely.

Attach the provided dock connector to USB cable to the iPhone. Connect the USB end of the cable to your personal computer, using any available USB port. iTunes will automatically sync the downloaded app to the iPhone. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

Tap directly on the downloaded web browser using your iPhone. Visit any website using the browser. Sites that previously opened in mobile mode on Safari will open their full desktop versions.