How to Make a Household Planner

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Household planners help manage daily household tasks, as well as important household papers. An organised household planner minimises stress and saves time while enhancing household communication. A standard-sized binder can be the one-stop information centre for all the household managing needs.

Find printable planner pages. Search online for "household printables" or "printable organizer." Save paper by printing pages on the front and back.

Label the dividers with sections that will be included in the household planner, and put them in the binder. Use the 3-hole punch if necessary. Place sections that will be used most in the front of the binder. Household information, a calendar, daily planner, important contact information, work information, housework assignments, meal planners and school information are suitable dividers for the household planner.

Use a 3-hole punch to punch holes into the papers. When finished, place them in the 3-ring binder in their appropriate sections.

Add optional but functional binder accessories. Pocket folders, page protectors, bulldog clips and business card holder pages are functional additions to the household planner. They will keep receipts and important notes organised, allow you to reuse a to-do list or simply help clip a popular tab in the binder.

Add new pages and sections to the binder over time, based on your daily household activities and lifestyle. Instruct your family to do the same and to check the binder frequently for upcoming events or other information.

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