How to Stencil Terra Cotta Pots

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Plain terra cotta flower pots are excellent for starting your own container garden because they are easy and fun to customise. With the use of stencils, you can embellish your pots with a wide range of designs to suit your decorating needs. Stencilling also gives you the ability to present sentimental, creative gifts to friends and loved ones for a variety of occasions. Regardless of the reason, stencilling terra cotta pots gives you an enriching craft endeavour.

Place the stencil of your choice over the centre of one of the sides of the terra cotta pot. Position it so that it is centred over the broadest area. Stencils vary in design immensely; you can find them decorated with flowers, butterflies and other symbols or designs.

Adhere the edges of the stencil to the terra cotta pot with masking tape. This keeps the stencil in place without you having to hold it with your hand.

Outline the cutout portions of the stencil lightly on the pot with a fine-tipped marker. Black is an adequate choice but any colour that shows up over the terra cotta works as well. Pay attention to detail and outline every part of the stencil that is cut out.

Remove the stencil. This exposes the stencilled outline so that you can fill it in decoratively with acrylic paint. It's easier to paint the decorative design without the restrictive stencil in the way.

Use the paintbrushes and acrylic paint set to colour in and detail the stencilled outline. This is where you are able to express your own creativity. For example, if the stencilled outline is a rose, you can fill in the blossoms with a flat red shade, then fill in the stems with a deep green tone. Create shaded details by blending lighter shades of green and yellow into the stem. Detail the blossoms with shades of pink and white. You can either dab the paint on with the brush firmly, or use sweeping movements to create differing textures in the paint. Use your imagination.

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