How to add radio channels to a teamspeak server

Most administration and moderation tasks performed on a Windows TeamSpeak server are configured through an administrator account on the actual TeamSpeak client. Using an administrator-level account allows you to create and modify channels using several options. The extensive configuration possibilities allows you to create a unique server that is personalised to its users. One interesting idea is to create a channel for music. To add a radio channel to your server you will first need to configure Windows to use audio output as the default recording device instead of the microphone port.

Press the "Windows" and "R" keys simultaneously on your keyboard. This opens a "Run" box on the bottom of the screen.

Type "MMSYS.CPL" and press "Enter." This opens a "Windows Sound and Audio Device Properties" window.

Click the "Recording" tab. Right-click on either the "Audio Output," "Wave Out" or the "What you hear" icon. You will only see one of the three.

Click "Set as Default Device," and then click "Properties." This opens a "Properties" dialogue for the device.

Click the "Advanced" tab, click in the box next to "Allow Applications to Take Exclusive Control of this Device" and then click the "Apply" button.

Open your TeamSpeak client and connect to your server.

Right-click in the channel window and click on "Create Channel". This opens the "Create Channel" dialogue window. Type a name for your channel that indicates it is a radio channel. Choose any other preferred options then press the "OK" button.

Double-click the channel to join it. Click "Settings" and "Options." This opens an "Options" dialogue.

Click the "Capture" icon on the left panel." This displays audio capture settings in the right pane.

Click in the "Capture Device" drop-down menu and choose either "Audio Output," "Wave Out." You will only see one of the three.

Click in the radio button next to "Continuous Transmission," and then click the "Apply" button.

Open your favourite media player and play some music. The music you play will broadcast through TeamSpeak.

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