How to Block Numbers on a Samsung Phone

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If you are tired of receiving harassing phone calls, you can choose to automatically block those numbers on your Samsung phone. Unwanted calls might be from bill collectors, telemarketers or jealous ex's. Calls from blacklisted numbers will automatically divert to voice mail.

You will still see a Caller ID entry for the call, but the phone will not ring. This gives you the best of both worlds -- knowledge of the call without the harassment.

Press the menu button and choose "Call records" or "Call logs."

Scroll to incoming calls and press "OK."

Scroll to the unwanted number and choose "Options."

Scroll down to "Add to block list" and confirm the addition. On some phones this may be called "Add to reject list." You will no longer be bothered by calls from that number.

Press the menu button and select "Phonebook."

Scroll down to "Block List" and press "OK." On some models, this may be called a "Reject List."

Press "Options." Choose "Add new" and then "Number."

Enter the number you wish to block and press "Save." You will no longer be harassed with phone calls from that number.