How to Make a Fabric Poppy Flower

A vase full of poppies will only last you a few days before they begin to wilt and die. A vase full of fabric poppies will last you a lifetime and save you money. Make your own fabric poppies with polyester fabric scraps and a few beads.

Each poppy will only require a few minutes to make, which means that a bouquet of the synthetic flowers won't take you much longer to make than a trip to market would take to purchase the real thing.

Cut five circles from your 100 per cent polyester fabric. The circles don't need to be perfect -- it is better if they aren't. Make each circle slightly smaller than the previous one so they layer well. The largest circle should have a diameter around 4 inches, and the smallest circle should have a diameter around 1 1/2 inches.

Light a candle, and place a bowl of water nearby. Hold each of the polyester circles near the flame of the candle but not in the flame. Once the side of the circle closest to the flame starts to curl, rotate the circle. Continue doing this until the entire edge of the circle is curled. If one of the circles catches on fire, immediately drop it in the bowl of water and cut a replacement circle. Polyester, like other synthetics, is highly flammable. Let all the circles cool for 10 minutes.

Stack the circles, with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top, to form the petals of your poppy. The circles should be stacked so they form a bowl shape, not a dome.

Sew a cluster of 10 4mm black seed beads in the centre of the poppy with needle and thread. They will hold the layers of the flower together in addition to decorating the blossom.