How to Get Liquor Sponsorships

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Obtaining a liquor sponsorship can be a valuable attribute for hosting large parties. A liquor sponsor will provide drinks for the party free of charge in hopes of receiving new or more customers.

It is vital to explain to the liquor representative that the people attending your planned event are the type of demographic they market to. Put yourself in their shoes and find the reason why they would benefit by sponsoring your party or event. Be sure to show competency and experience when pitching your event to possible sponsors.

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Contact a local bar or restaurant manager/owner and ask them about which liquor representatives they prefer. Ultimately, you do not have to choose the ones they recommend, but they are great resources and know many people in the business so it is good to talk with them about why they prefer certain representatives. They can provide you with contact information lists of representatives in your area to ensure a local representative.

Provide specific demographics of your party attendees to the liquor representative. Use a graph or chart to show the ethnicity of the party attendees, their estimated income and age group. These specifics will ensure the liquor representative that they will attract new and more customers by sponsoring the party.

Show experience, stability and competency when pitching your event to the liquor representative. Eliminate all doubt they may have in your event idea by being firm and concise when negotiating party details. By being confident in your event idea, you instil confidence in the representative to go ahead and provide your party with free cocktails. Put yourself in their shoes and abolish those hesitations they may have by explaining all the positive attributes your event provides. Let them know that you and your staff are competent and capable of hosting a successful event with many happy patrons.

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Write a proposal sponsorship letter to the liquor representative. In detail, write a one-page letter explaining who you are, what type of event you are planning and your targeted demographic. Be clear and to the point. Avoid rambling and sound excited by explaining to them it is a win-win situation for you and them. The proposal letter format is similar to a resume cover letter. Explain your motivation for seeking their sponsorship, briefly describe who you are and explain how it would be beneficial for their business to sponsor your event.

Pitch your idea to the sponsor. A "pitch" is a verbal explanation of what, why, when, where, and how they make sense to sponsor your event. This is where the deal is either made or not. In detail, using pictures or graphs, show them the locations throughout the party that that their liquor stands will be placed. Show how much liquor must be provided. Most importantly, explain how their liquor brand will increase in name recognition and sales profits after your event has taken place.