How to Use Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Your TV

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Connecting a wireless headset to your television gives you the freedom to watch your favourite shows and movies without waking the rest of the house. There are many models of wireless headsets designed for televisions, including those that implement Bluetooth technology. Each model of headset may have slightly different connection requirements. The same is true for your model of television. However, most wireless headsets can be connected to a television by following the same basic installation steps.

Charge the batteries for your wireless headphones. Your headphones will most likely come with their own battery cartridges. Make sure your headphones are fully charged before use.

Plug in your wireless transmitter to a power source. Connect the audio cable to your TV. The proper connector jack will vary based on your model of headphones and television. Many televisions will require you to connect to the digital audio output jack or the traditional audio output jack. Some newer televisions may include a separate jack just for headphones. If you are unsure of which television jack to connect to, consult your television's user manual.

Switch on your headphones and turn on the television. The television audio should now be transmitted through the headphones.

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