How to make a karate belt display rack

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Advancing through the levels of karate is quite an accomplishment. Earning the next belt and moving forward with your training is something to be proud of. Especially when a child is in karate, displaying these belts offers feelings of accomplishment and pride that can help improve his self-esteem.

Making a karate belt display rack is one way to display those belts that have been earned and create a bigger sense of pride in the accomplishments.

Purchase a shadow box. The size of the shadow box will depend on how many belts you intend to display. The more belts you expect to display, the larger the box should be. Each belt is about 1.5 inches wide. Therefore, if you plan to display 10 belts, you will need a box that has at least 15 inches of display space. If you have six belts, your box must have at least nine inches of display space. You will need more space if you desire spaces between the belts.

Drill 1/2-inch holes to accommodate the dowels. The dowels will hold the belts and keep them stretched within the shadow box for displaying. Always measure before drilling to ensure that the holes will line up directly across from each other, ensuring that the dowels are straight. Many shadow boxes have a removable side where you can access the items that are inside. It is best to drill the holes for the dowels into the side that is removable and the side that is opposite the removable side. This allows for easy removal of the dowels when adding another belt. It is also best to use a shadow box where the glass is removable so you will be able to arrange the belts more easily.

Wrap the belts around the dowels and secure them, with anything from tape to safety pins. Make sure that you have the dowels the same distance apart that they will be inside the box. This will ensure that the belts are held tightly so that they do not slip. If you have removable glass, you can insert the dowels prior to wrapping the belts.

Insert the dowels into the holes on the far side of the shadow box. If you will not be making changes to the shadow box, you can glue the dowels into place to better secure them.

Place the removable side back on the shadow box, making sure that the dowels are lined up with the holes on this side. Again, glue can be used if you will not be changing the display and want a more solid construction.