How to Get Speakercraft EZ Tools

Speakercraft is a manufacturer of home theatre, audio and video equipment. Speakercraft products can only be custom-installed by authorised dealers. Speakercraft makes various tools and software, including EZ Tools, available for download on its website.

The EZ Tools software allows dealers to program Speakercraft equipment in order to make adjustments. These downloads are available only to custom installers, not to the public. Custom installers can register their company on the Speakercreaft website and create an account to access the feature.

Navigate to Speakercraft's website. Click the "Resources" tab on the navigation bar, then click "For Custom installers" in the drop-down menu.

Click the "Dealer Resource Center" button. This is located next to the "Speakercaft ideas" button at the bottom of the page. A list of available resources will be displayed.

Click the "Software" button. Enter a username and password into the required fields to access dealer-only software. The username is the one that was chosen when the company registered to become a Speakercreaft custom installer. The password will be the one sent to the email adress that was provided during the registration process. Click the "Login" button to proceed to a list of available software.

Click the "EZ Tools" button, then click "download."