How to prevent cars parking in front of your house

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Neighbours can be a joy for those who delight in block parties and receiving seasonal gift baskets from their neighbours, or it can be the reason you keep rethinking that privacy fence around your yard.

Whether they are blocking you from getting out of your driveway or taking your parking spot, curb-side parking can be annoying. But as long as your street does not have private parking there will be little you can do to remove your unwanted visitor.

Talk it out. There is no point in causing unnecessary drama within your neighbourhood if the offender is the laid back, listening sort. Perhaps he hadn't realised he was causing you problems. Politely explain to the individual in question your reasons for wanting the space in front of your house available, such as you need it to park there yourself or you would like to create more space on your small street.

Call the police. In cases where the car is stolen, blocking your driveway, parked in a no-parking zone, parked improperly as to impair other drivers or pedestrians, or parked for longer than 48 hours you can call the police and have them contact the owner, or have the vehicle in question towed at the owner's expense.

Apply for residents-only parking. If your problem lies not with a neighbour but a neighbour's visitor, you can apply for residents-only parking. You must be eligible by living in a residential permit parking area, or by banding together with your fellow neighbours and taking the matter to your local city hall.