How to identify small weeds with tiny blue flowers in lawns

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Your lawn has the potential to become home to small weeds, such as the common blue violet, which shares the space with your grass. Many types of weeds, classified as broadleaved, produce blue flowers in addition to wide foliage.

Though the flowers are striking, the weeds are typically unwanted because they steal nutrients from your grass. Understand how to identify the small weeds with tiny blue flowers in your lawn so that you know how to treat them.

Look to see when the tiny blue flowers bloom in the lawn. Small weeds like the field madder appear from January to July, but each Asiatic dayflower bloom only appears for one day.

Inspect the small blue blossoms in the lawn to see if they display additional colours or any distinctive traits. The Persian speedwell, for example, has blue petals with darker blue lines and a pale blue to white centre.

Check how the tiny blue bloom grows on the little weed. For instance, healall flowers grow in a cluster of three on top of pointy plant structures (bracts) that have purple outlines.

Consult an online weed identification guide, such as the one at Garden Without Doors (see Resources). Browse through the photos on the site to look for the plant from your lawn.