How to Locate Someone Using a Post Office Box Address

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People forward their mail to post office boxes as an alternative to receiving mail at their physical address. A reverse post office box lookup is a way to search for a person's personal information, such as his physical address and phone number, by providing an investigative website with his name, post office box number and postcode. People-search websites that perform reverse post-office box searches charge fees for their services.

Type "reverse P.O. box search" or "reverse post office box search" into your Internet's search box. Click on the links that appear to find people-search websites that conduct reverse P.O. box searches. Websites that feature this service include www.bestpeople, and Compare service rates, which typically run between £52 to £65.

Choose and click the people-search website that you feel offers the service and price needed. Follow the website prompts. Enter the name of the P.O. box holder, the P.O. box number and the zip code associated with P.O. box into the blank fields.

Click "add search to cart" or "add search" to continue to the payment page.

Enter your personal contact information, which is typically your name, e-mail address and credit or debit card number. This allows you to register and purchase the service so that the site can perform your reverse post office box search.

Wait approximately three to five days to hear back from the people-search site that you hired. Check your e-mail periodically for reverse p.o. box search updates.

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