How to Add 12 Inches to the Top of a Fence

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A privacy fences is a good way to keep prying eyes from watching your every move while you are in your yard and allows you to feel more secure about letting kids out to play. However, if neighbouring homes are up a slope from yours, a standard 6-foot privacy fence may not be tall enough to give you your security. If this is the case, consider extending the height of the fence another 12 inches.

Measure the fence posts' width so that you know what kinds of posts you are going to need to extend. Buys posts in the same size. You will add 1 foot to the fence, so one post could make several extensions. Purchase the number you need based on the number of posts you have to extend.

Cut the posts to 1 foot each with a power saw or hand saw. Check each piece to ensure that each is square so they won't wobble on the existing posts.

Lay a metal connector plate on top of one of your cut post extensions, near one end. Slide it so that only half of the plate is on the post piece. The plate has row after row of holes punched into it.

Drill 1 1/4 inch screws into the holes of the piece, filling all holes on the side that is laying on the wood.

Flip over the post extension and place a second metal connector plate onto the opposite side. Repeat the process, drilling screws into this side as well. You should now have a post extension with plates attached on either side of one end with the plates sticking halfway off the post. Repeat the process for all other post extension pieces.

Set one post extension on top of a post on the existing fence. Slip the plates that are sticking off of the 1-foot section down over the fence post.

Drill the same type screws into the fence post through the holes on the plates. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have secured an extension post to all of the fence posts.

Set a fence topper, designed to add on to a privacy fence, on top of the existing fence so that the ends of the addition are lined up with the new extended fence posts.

Check that the addition is level, then drill wood screws through the sides of the addition and into the wood posts.

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